You Are More-Than-Cordially Invited To Celebrate With Me In This Long Awaited, Big Deal Of An Open Thread!

What's your favorite way to say WooHoo!!!!? And what do you wish we would do with this new embarrassment of riches?
Publish date:
October 27, 2015
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It feels like a year (because it's been a year) since I told you all that xoJane and our beauty offshoot xoVain were for sale And now, here we are. IT HAPPENED TO ME: I found a new home for xoJane and xoVain and it's the best home ever, Time Inc.!

This oddly-timed open thread is my little gift to you, hopefully the first of many I will be able to give you now that we are owned by this big sweet company. So let's start by you telling me what you most want from this (your) site.

While you mull that over, let me tell you that Time Inc. was the first company I worked with on launching Jane Magazine however many years ago. It's been wild to be entering back in through that same guest check-in turnstile for these past few months of negotiations. (Can I please classify the feeling as deja vu, because it has been almost a lifetime ago? And does everyone experience deja vu as a tingling/tumbling in their ribcage/upper intestine area?)

Obviously, Time has maintained their very good taste. And even more obviously, we are all ecstatic here in the not-for-very-much-longer xoJane and xoVain offices.

We have a couple of ideas here of how we want to celebrate. What would you like to do to celebrate your wonderful part in this or any other successes you've had lately (waking up and getting dressed today counts)? Tell us that, ask me anything, or tell each other anything else here while we all hang with you in the comments and enjoy this amazing community you've created.

Big sweet XO