Your Always-Amazing Judgment-Free Gloriously-Populated Open Thread (Sorry It's Also LATE)

Anything you want to say or ask, this is the place to do it freely and never look back.
Publish date:
December 5, 2015
open thread, weekend open thread, Jane, jane's stuff

Here, dear readers, is a place to talk about anything you want to talk about. I'm so sorry for the delay in posting it for you. I will explain when I come back with an epic Open Thread post for you next week.

It was paining me all day today not to have, at the very least, provided you with a forum for y'all to talk to and update and ask questions of each other from this past week, so go to it in the comments below.

I love you all and love how much you love and support each other and I especially want to keep you close when the world feels so crazy. Maybe that's why the guilt (base emotion, I know, though I feel it often and am more prone to free-floating guilt then free-floating anxiety — you?) was getting to me so badly today. Anyway, have fun and I'm sorry this was so late!