Say Two Weeks Worth of Things to Say in This Back-in-Action Open Thread

Has your June (so far) been better than your May?
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June 3, 2016
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Did you notice that there was no Open Thread here last week? If so, give me one or two words you would use to characterize your reaction to that (woohoo is fine, bereft also fine, everything's just fine).

I have been in my own little drama spiral, and one of the worst things about it is that I am not able to tell anything about it to you. That's one reason there was no open thread last week — because I didn't want to be all fake and phony with you and like, how's your puppy?!??? (that's a bad example and should really be revised out of respect for all of us puppy lovers. What would be the quintessential ding-batty Open Thread topic I would generally write about here instead?) when I am really thinking about what I can't talk about.

I likely just have to take a step way, way, way back to be reminded of what's important here. It's like when I'm having a standoff with Charlotte (over something like whether her tone was rude or not when she said hi to me), who is as strong willed a teenager as I am a bad mom, and I eventually start thinking about how many of these moments I actually get to have with her over the course of her lifetime and how this is not how I want to be spending them. Same goes with you guys. I would rather be talking, even if I can't say what I want to say. Because talking is healthy, stifling is not and talking to you can be the best.

So what do you do when you are not able to express yourself in the way that feels right and fair to you? Write in a journal? Tell it to a therapist or a message board or a member of the clergy? Maybe (being double Scorpio with an emotional age of 15) I will create a burner Disqus account and tell you all about it anonymously that way. Now we're (immaturely) talking! But, if you're not in a talking mood (immaturely or otherwise), here are some random questions to get you started.

When is the right time to abandon a difficult situation?

Is there anything you refuse to compromise on?

What’s the most important part of rebuilding trust?

Where do you turn for support when you need it the most?

Who’s one person you’ve lost touch with that you wish you could speak to?

What does it mean when there are floods in your dreams?

Now, it's your turn to be as open (like I wish I could be) as you want or as cryptic (as I'm being). Open Thread is your place to be be your best, worst, most mediocre or most amazing (as defined by you and this commenting community) self and share anything you think, feel, want to know, or need to blurt out. Blurt anything out. Type furiously in ALL CAPS or use ellipses or write half a comment tonight and come back tomorrow to finish it. Complain about — or celebrate! — your job or your in-laws or your aches or pains or weekend plans. Open Thread is open all weekend and all week after that and it's always all yours.