Ask Jane: Where Do I Find This Skin Miracle You Call Cashew Water?

It's being overshadowed by its distant cousin, Coconut Water. Together we can save it.
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June 24, 2011
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Hey Jane,

Ever since you mentioned cashew water I've been dying to try/find it...I do love coconut water, but cashew sounds divine. Is it a DIY vegan potion? I've not seen it anywhere...I hope you write it up soon. Thanks so much!!!

--Mary C.

Thanks for asking, Mary. This is the kind of information I get really excited to share. I get excited about sharing vital political news, too, but there are other outlets that specialize in that. I'll stick with cashew water for this moment.

I like the hydrating effects of coconut water just fine, but the skin benefits aren't as noticeable as those you get from cashew water. I haven't been able to find it in stores lately, but my favorite is made by O.N.E.. It evens out your skin-tone to a nice kind-of-cashewy color (that might not sound appealing, but I think it is). People constantly asked whether I'd had a facial when I was drinking 8-plus ounces a day. Beware though: it attracts mosquitos to you and can make your skin feel tingly -- or maybe that was just me, but it happened. Another bonus is that it helps upset stomachs, like the kind you would get from drinking caffeine without eating.

According to Amazon, which sells the drink by the dozen, cashew water can also:

Calm an upset stomach, soothe a sore throat

Protect the skin from problems like acne and eczema and fortify the immune system

So I looked for where you can buy it (okay, my intern Madeline looked). Besides Amazon, you can also buy it atBeverage Universe. Even though the O.N.E. site no longer lists cashew water as one of its products--meaning we might be buying older, less potent stock?--I would drink it. But I'm writing to O.N.E. and asking them to bring back this amazing product! Maybe you can write them as well, if you care about having smooth hydrated even-toned skin (and a non-acidic stomach) as much as I superficially do.

The O.N.E. people immediately wrote a very sweet response.

It seems everyone is intent on making coconut water take over the world. Well, that can't last forever. Speaking of which, I don't prefer the taste and idea of those new plastic bottles Zico is using.

One last thought about the skin tingling: maybe nuts are meant to be consumed in nut form, not as liquids. And maybe we've stretched this water-izing trend to its limits (hello, acai berry water, macadamia nut water, baby-coconut water, every other blend of water with stuff in it, all of which I have of course tried). But if we're still at it, help me save cashew water.

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