"I'm Going on Martha Stewart, What Would Jane Do?"

How to look like you know what the hell you're doing when you have to go on television (even if you have no freaking idea).
Publish date:
April 16, 2012

I got this email from Julie, the Editor of our sister site Remodelista.

Julie ensconced at the Vino olo wine bar with other disgruntled passengers from the 2:55 flight, naturally.

That's great news if you are tired or jet-lagged and a little wiped out because it will play as perfectly calm and relaxed on TV. If you combine a little coffee about an hour before you go on, that's the magic combo. So yay for missed flights!

TV makeup is like spackle so it wouldn't matter if you had two black eyes. No worries about that at all. EVERYTHING will be covered up.

A couple of general points (if you want them):

  • If you have 3-5 key things you want to say, just say them whether you are asked the questions or not. No one notices. I usually say, "That's interesting, because at Remodelista, we always say.... " and then I go into the unrelated soundbite I wanted to get in (except that I don't say Remodelista).
  • If it relaxes you to know this, it really doesn't matter what you say. People watch TV more than listen to it. It's all about screen-time and having the chyron say Remodelista. The rest is just filling dead air by moving your mouth and having something come out.
  • When I co-hosted Martha Stewart Radio, I was so anti-Martha (and called myself that) and talked about blow jobs and the producer had to keep giving us the universal hand signal for "REIN IT IN." So you can't do worse than that.

If you want my advice on anything at all, write me at jane@xojane.com and put Jane Help in the subject line. Or if you want a quick answer, tweet me at @janepratt. Be sure to watch Julie doing a fabulous job on Martha tomorrow April 17 10am EST.