SIXTEEN Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About This Week

A record high! I was busy galavanting around London, so why would I expect anyone to do what I want anyway?
Publish date:
June 30, 2012

We're a team! Team four eyes, that is.

I was in London for the launch of our UK sister site the beginning part of this week and Emily was sending around ideas for topics people could potentially post about and, if you are interested, here are some of the topics our wonderful contributors didn't cover (a reject list or a link round-up, whatever you want to call it). Which would you like to have seen us cover here? Which are you glad people didn't bother with? Which do you have a take on and what is that take? Also: Have weekends!

Olympic swimmer criticized for tweeting a photo of herself in a swimsuit's variable cleavage bra bans HPV vaccine in Catholic school

Breakfast dessert diet (which Emily says she's already on)

Newscaster suspended over shaving head for cancer charity at junk food makes you feel hungry. Duuuuuuuuuuuh obsessed with muscles may be more sexist sues over short skirt dress code"I'm a mom and I'm stoned right now" (Note: I want to be as patient as this stoner mom and think patience with my child is one more reason I should become a pothead -- thoughts?) wine a fussy name makes it more popular experiencing a mini-boom -- anybody ever worked at one? (I can hardly get past the portmanteau in this title, but am forging ahead.) IX 40th anniversary gaming is the next frontier kills herself after getting bullied about her weight

Teen lesbian couple found shot in Texas park rates for gays as important as marriage rights