10 Things We Didn't Write About But That You Might Want to Comment On, Like Argentina Making Cat-calling a Fineable Offense and Why Emmy Rossum Is Still Holding Out After Getting Equal Pay

Is her plan pretty genius or what?
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December 18, 2016

Now would be a very good time to pull up a chair to your collection of sweaters and pile each one on in ascending thickness and warmth level. It's cold. Winter really just burst in like the Kool Aid man — no subtlety, all jazz-handed glory. For this, I recommend a nice hot beverage, the aforementioned sweater pile-up and a nice reading list of things we didn't get around to covering but are still pretty darn interesting nonetheless!

If you ever doubt the ingenuity of NYers, just read about how these "twenty-something working professionals" manage to fit four people in a one-bedroom Manhattan apartment. [NY Times]

Doesn't seem to be a great year for you if you're a racist and misogynist Ivy League student on the mens swim team, huh? [Buzzfeed]

In a cheerful antidote to this year, a man who gained attention for dancing to the BBC News jingle was just seen dancing to the BBC News jingle... on BBC News [BBC News]

Monica Crowly has been tapped to join Trump's National Security Council. Monica Crowly makes very astute observations about walls. [Daily Beast]

DeVry University is paying for bogus claims about the success of their students after completing degrees with the school — much of which will go to relieving student debt. [FTC]

Emmy Rossum, the star of Shameless, has come out of the other side of a contract battle negotiating equal pay as her costar, William H Macy. But like, really equal. [Upworthy]

368 sexual abuse cases have arisen in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned gyms in the past 20 years, with many coaches being repeat offenders at multiple gyms. [Indystar]

After Trump Grill(e) got the Vanity Fair seal of "Worst Restaurant in America," evidence has surfaced that may further confirm this allegation. [Twitter]

For last-minute holiday shopping and simultaneous last-minute donating to good causes, here's a list of places that donate to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU with every purchase [Racked]

Argentina is the first nation to fine cat-calling, which if you think about it is a clever way to simultaneously collect more taxes and make women less uncomfortable in public spaces, in a sort of ends-justifies-means kind of way. [Revelist]

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