Are You Reading This At Work?

If so, your employer is my best friend. If not, are we blocked?
Publish date:
January 29, 2013

If you are, thank your employer for your liberal work environment. It has come to my FUN attention that xoJane recently got blocked at a bunch of workplaces due to some algorithm of the number of times we use the word "vagina" divided by the number of times we use the word "the" or something like that.

So while I am looking into this appeal process so that you can go back to doing what you are meant to do all day at work (read every last It Happened To Me we've ever published, of course), I am curious if this has happened to you and what other sites are in our (excellent) company. Tell me!

PS I am in familiar territory here, having had the Moral Majority come between me and Sassy readers after that time we talked about condoms. And, I just remembered, that time even ten years before that when my best friend's mom forbade us from seeing each other after reading my friend's diary where she talked about, hmm, probably a lot of the same stuff we do and write about here at xoJane. At least I am consistent!