Tell What Foods Make You Feel Sexy In This Aphrodisiac-Fantastic Open Thread

Or list anything that makes you feel sexy, sleepy or dreary. Rainy weather? Pedicures? Cats? Anything goes!
Publish date:
June 5, 2015

I know I get side-eye when I start these Open Threads with weather-related banter, BUT it's been a cold and cloudy June in NYC so far and it makes me think about sex (you too, right?).

Ta-da! Instead of a weather-y intro, I'm writing you a sexy intro, complete with your weekly (sexy!) random questions, starting with a few that I want to weigh in on while I'm writing this (because I'm not patient enough to wait for 6:00 PM):

What is a quirky little physical trait that you find insanely sexy? Mine, for example, is crooked protruding eyeteeth like those of Clint Eastwood, Patricia Arquette, Bijou Phillips until she had them fixed, and Mike Mills (the bass player, not the one that's married to Miranda July). Also my old boyfriend, the lovely Tim, and someone I saw recently on TV and wrote down their initials (MK) to add to this sexy-teeth list to share with you but now can't remember who it is. If you happen to know of anyone famous with sexy protruding eye teeth with the initials MK, help me remember and I'll love you forever (already do)!

Do you have any favorite edible aphrodisiacs? FYI Oysters, garlic, zinc and arugula --even lube and edible underwear -- are all fair to name.

How often do you get your hair trimmed? I have the best haircut of my life, thanks to be sweet and gifted Wes Sharpton, which is making me go even longer between trims (it's been about 6 months, I think) in an attempt to preserve it. But I have two-inch roots right now and am long overdue for some dead-end chopping.

Are you more into birdwatching or stargazing? Me: stargazing.

Which dog breeds have hair instead of fur and do they matte more easily?

Is there a book/movie/T.V. show you've never read or seen, but that you tell people you've read or seen?

When is the last time you had sex?

Most important: what is going on in your sexy lives right now? Let's get loved up in the comments section. I can't wait to see you there.