Say Anything At All In This Whatever-You-Want-It-To-Be Open Thread

And please welcome — in whatever language you find most welcoming — our newest XO staff member, Caitlin!
Publish date:
February 5, 2016
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Before writing anything else, I'm going to take a few lines in this space where randomness is loudly applauded (at least by me) to tell you about my favorite new product: sweat patches from England!

I love when I find something that works as well as the manufacturer says it's going to. I love not ruining silk blouses. And I've had a few kind of intense meetings at this big new company I now work for this week, so these things arrived just in time on Monday when they were dropped off on my desk (along with my mail — not as a hint from a co-worker, I don't think).

The only weird thing about this little technological marvel is that, because you cannot wear anti-perspirant at the same time or they won't adhere the way that they need to, you feel yourself sweating. So even though intellectually you know your underarm sweat is not making its way to your clothing (yes, I used the word intellectually in connection with this topic), you don't feel exactly confident or sure! about raising your arms wildly up in the air. As, of course, one wants to do in the middle of a high-stakes meeting in a conference room at the global world headquarters of Time Incorporated.

Ok, let's talk now about Caitlin Van Horn, our very savvy social media editor with a very posh last name. She is new! Welcome her! Ask her probing questions!

That's one thing you could do in the comments of this entirely open thread. It would be kind and might help get you started if you are experiencing comment-writer’s block. Or feel free to answer one of these this-that-and-the-off-the-cuff-other-thing questions.

How do you salvage a sweat-stained top? (Do you wear it anyway and make pitstains a fashion statement or do you keep your arms pinned to your side whenever you wear it or do you know how to get them out or what?)

Have you filed your taxes yet?

Were you emotionally invested in the Iowa Caucus?

Do you like your given name?

Did you watch your Facebook #friendshipday video?

What’s your least favorite chore — domestic or otherwise?

Is it rude that I wrote about my armpits here BEFORE introducing the wonderful and new staff-member?

And, of course, spend as much time as you’d like to spend down here in the best community of all the commenting communities out there. Support each other, reach out for support, tell Caitlin anything you think she should know about joining us here in purple-chaired xoJaneland. I’ll be here too, throughout the weekend, like I always am.