Be Your Best, Worst, Most Vulnerable Self in This Always Welcoming, Always Open Thread

Have you felt judged this week?
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May 13, 2016
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I feel very, very lame talking about the weather, but the weather in New York this week was so rare and beautiful. The semen-like smell from the trees in the West Village! (Is it ginkgo trees that smell like that, do you know?) The brownstones looking as clean and sun-dappled as a back lot movie set of "Ye Olde New York.” Ok, now onto more personal, potentially interesting and not entirely random questions that you can answer, ignore, or throw back in my face at your leisure.

What's the worst fad diet you've ever tried?What are you really avoiding right now?Do you play drinking games?What's your favorite not-found-in-nature colored food?Do you know where all your (serious) exes are living right now?How many umbrellas do you own?What's in your medicine cabinet?Why can you only take allergy medicine once every 24 hours?Do you have a preferred post-sex clean up method?Is there any punctuation you know you use incorrectly but you do it anyway?Can you tell the weather is going to change based on muscle aches?Who’s the last person you prank-called?How deep do you go when googling a future boss?How old are you?Are you hungry?

Now, it's your turn to show me up with a comment twice as long as my intro, or a comment exactly the same word count as my intro, or any specific high or low number of comments that are truly a gift to me and this whole community. Rhyme. Plagiarize. Let your hair down. No one is allowed to judge you for anything you think or type or ask. Ask the things you're scared to ask anyone else, share the things you've been scared to share because you and your fears, thoughts, and updates have a home in this thread. You're not alone.