A Sunshining Weekend Open Thread From Me To You

What happened to you this week? What do you hope happens to you this weekend? Or just whatever you want to talk about -- talk about it here, please!
Publish date:
February 14, 2014
open thread, weekend open thread

My intro to this weekend's Open Thread is going to be short and sweet (like Olivia, who took this photo of me this week on one of our final chilly days at our old longtime xoHQ -- we are moving boxes as we speak). But your comments can be long and sour or however you like them to be. Just one rule -- interact with each other, as that's what you are so stellar at doing with this topic-less Open Thread each and every time.

Seriously, the brilliance (and mundanity) generated here by you continually astounds me. And compels me to spend hours here throughout each weekend reading, reading, absorbing, writing-back, reading, digesting, thinking-about, trying-to-help-with, assigning, calling-my-mom-about, pondering, questioning, etc.

This is your place, for you, to talk to each other about whatever is going on with you and whatever is on your mind. And if you have never joined in the conversation on one of these weekend Open Threads here before, all you have to do is say hi or something similar and you won't believe the nonjudgmental positive vibes that will come flowing your way in an instant. Then do what I do and obsessively check back in throughout the weekend to see how people continue to respond to that thing you posted -- however short and sweet it may be.

I love how much you love each other. So do it here. XOXO