9 Stories We Didn't Write About, but That You Might Want to Comment on, Including Scalia Dying and What Kanye's Saying Now about Taylor

Plus, a kind of strange way to get a raise (!!!)
Publish date:
February 14, 2016
news, supreme court, global warming, beets, Weekly News Round Up

If you're trapped inside due to the subzero wave of freezing temperature blanketing the United States — or on the sunny West Coast with me — maybe you'll have something to say about one of these nine stories.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead at 79. [WashPo]

New studies show that beets offer athletes brief "explosive bursts of strength." [Lifehacker]

"Deadpool" broke the R-rated superhero movie box office record over the weekend. [Buzzfeed]

Kayne West referred to Taylor Swift as a "bitch [he] made famous." [Celebitchy]

The atmospheric damage caused by pollution can be seen from outer space and looks, in one astronaut's word, "like something that we need to take care of." [CNN]

Gravitational waves have been discovered! [Gizmodo]

Ted Cruz got called out by a GOP debate moderator in a major way. [Gawker]

(Also, he speaks Spanish!) [Gawker]

Keeping a diary could help you get a raise. [Lifehacker]

I can't wait to hear what you have to say about any or all of these. And happy Valentine's Day!