9 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About

Should I start blackmailing these writers?
Publish date:
January 19, 2013

Check out the topics below to find out what my cute LAZY staffers refused to write about this week. Even though Emily handed them out on a silver platter. Tell me, are any of these topics so good that I should have blackmailed or bribed an xoJaner to get an article out of them? How's your (long!) weekend going?

Bribing your kids.

Would you have married your spouse if you knew it would end in divorce?

The "Karlie" is the haircut of the moment.

Taking pictures of the engagement ring.

I kind of want to audition to be an ugly model.

Esquires offensive profile on Megan Fox.

Most common reasons for seeing a doctor.

What gay men think about vaginas.

Dear Abby died.