9 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Mythical Sugar Daddies

We care about these topics! But apparently not enough to actually write about them.
Publish date:
June 15, 2013

Every day, all the regular xoJaners send each other links to current topics that we think might be good for one of us to cover on xoJane. There are always those topics that get snapped up by the writers right away. (I am now trying to think of which subjects these are, but it's not like there is a particular topic area that always goes quickly -- except maybe shocking studies from Emily's bible, the Daily Mail).

And then there are those that no one will touch. Like my plea for someone, anyone, to do an I'll Try Anything Once on this Japanese eyeball-licking trend. And that's OK. But we do want to let you guys know that we thought about writing about this stuff for you this week. They were almost almost a thing, but never quite made it. And here they are:

An idea did come up in our staff meeting on Wednesday, from Haleycue (who was one of three readers in attendance): why not send these topic ideas to even one- and two-time xoJane contributors to see if more topics would get covered that way.

OK, so how's your weekend going? Which of these topics would you want to read or write about yourself and how would you make these writers listen?

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