9 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About

Lazier and lazier and lazier. Which one of these topics would YOU want to read about?
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December 15, 2012

So many good topics my good-for-nothing xoJaners ignored this week. Maybe my leadership style is flawed, sitting on the floor all the time and all (speaking of which, I would NOT be allowed into that high school modesty club).

High school freshman launches "modesty club".

Drinkware changes color when rape drugs are present.

"Nice guy" pickup artists.

It was the most fertile day of the year this week, apparently.

59 is the age we think women should start aging gracefully aka stop having fun.

HPV can come back at menopause

Non-traditional wedding ideas for redditors.

Not sure if this is new, but a pretty interesting campaign against violence

5 Types Of People "I will always have sex with"

Which of these topics do you want to read/write about?