9 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About

Everything's pretty much a-ok with the site; we just forgot to write about some things.
Publish date:
February 2, 2013

This photo is me being like "Seeee! So-and-so will write about it!" But truly, I try to be fair and kind with the xoJane editors about what they didn't want to get around to (or simply couldn't get to). Yet here we are, shaming them. And you know what? I'm cool with it because it brings us together on Saturday mornings -- how's your weekend going? Which of these topics are you sad to see fall by the wayside? Are you sore with me about this little page view trick I pulled on Thursday? If so, join The Club. If not, join The Other Club.

Ann Curry banned from scowling.

Dudes in suits make our offices cold.

Man takes his wife's last name, is accused of fraud.

The entourage movie got greenlit. LADIES!

"Humiliation punishments."

Penis measuring app.

Men now spend longer on grooming and getting ready than women.

Stuff you should say to a divorcing friend (we could do stuff you shouldn't say?)

Why are people so hung up on height in relationships?