9 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About, Including Selling Sex to Pay Tuition

How many university students are doing it? 1 in 20, studies say.
Publish date:
March 28, 2015
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It's hard to get your writers to write for you when your phone is securely tucked in a zip lock bag and stuffed in a "rent-by-the-hour" locker at a waterpark. Also, I've got two words for you "resort wifi." So, this news list is lengthy, but I have nothing but love in my sun-drenched heart for my editorial staff who bravely ran the office while I was away.

I also have nothing but love - the truest, most ardent, excited kind - for y'all and that love could grow into something magical if you joined our merry band of writers and tackled one of these topics. Take a look, take some time, and then pitch us.

There's a new Keurig machine and it makes jello shots. [Buzzfeed]

1 in 20 UK students has sold sex to help pay bills. [NewsWeek]

Google's new CFO is a rockstar (and also a woman). [Bustle]

The Silicon Valley gender discrimination case is headed to jury. [HuffPo]

Yemen may be headed towards a civil war. [The Guardian]

Columnist Katie Hopkins called Angelia Jolie's preventative surgery "smug." [Daily Mail]

Chelsea Handler says Bill Cosby tried to "Cosby" her. [Jezebel]

Pilotless planes are possible in the near future. [CNN]

The Manhattan building that exploded was undergoing renovations on the DL. [Buzzfeed]

Have the best ever weekend.