9 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want To Comment On, Including Internet Trolls AKA Basement Demons

Those aren't our words, they're Robert Pattinson's.
Publish date:
September 27, 2015
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Here is that weekly list of topics that Amber pulls together for you and I write a little intro about and sometimes the links are broken and sometimes there are misspellings that particularly anger you in their seeming lack of respect and I try to blame it on the fact that it's the middle of the weekend when we are putting the column together and that's no time to be all "perfect" and, wow, well, I'm now putting myself to sleep writing this. Do you ever fall asleep over your own work? Is that a bad sign? And what do you think of these topics that went on in the world this week?

Jeb Bush plans to gain support from black voters by not "taking care of [them] with free stuff." [The Slot]

Dallas Black, Kim Davis's only gay friend according to Kim Davis, isn't actually her friend (according to Dallas Black). [ROYGBIV]

Over 700 people are dead after a stampede in Saudi Arabia during the hajj pilgrimage. [Buzzfeed]

Robert Pattinson called racist trolls on the internet, "demons who live in basements," and adding, "most normal people are not commenters." [Inquisitr]

The $4.85 million lot in lower Manhattan that was purchased as a site for a future Islamic cultural center will now be replaced with "ultra-luxury" condos. [Gawker]

Due to his history of domestic violence, Chris Brown has been told he is unlikely to be given a visa to perform in Australia. [BBC]

The Dalai Lama's list of requirements for a female successor include being "very attractive." [Buzzfeed]

Shonda Rimes dispels the idea of a monolithic black community. [Elle]

Mike Huckabee thinks that refugees from Syria and elsewhere are "some of the most violent and vicious people on Earth." [HuffPo]

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