9 Stories We Didn't Write About, But that You Might Want to Comment on, Including the Return of Melissa McCarthy Critics and How Much Sex is Too Much Sex

Plus, Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in climate change, but does believe she’s a scientist.
Publish date:
April 17, 2016
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Here we are again, doing whatever we do on Sundays — reading the paper? Nursing a hangover? Shopping for new vibrator batteries? — which (hopefully) includes commenting on the stories we didn’t write about, but that you might want to comment on.

Ted Cruz's erstwhile college roommate is at it again! [The Slot]

James Cameron has announced there will be four more sequels to Avatar. [Celebitchy]

A new study shows that bed bugs are evolving and developing thicker skin that protects them from insecticide spray. [CNN]

While The Jungle Book is a major financial success, it’s worth remembering that Rudyard Kipling was a terrible racist. [io9]

AMC theaters has announced it will uphold its ban on texting in theaters after receiving backlash for suggesting it might allow use of mobile phones during movies. [TIME]

Bethanny Frankel allegedly told an audience of women entrepreneurs that women of color should hire white men to rep their businesses. [People]

Sarah Palin believes she is “just as much of a scientist" as Bill Nye [the Science Guy]. [The Guardian]

Despite lots and lots of evidence to the contrary, The New York Times and other publications have slammed Melissa McCarthy for poor box office performance. [Genius]

A recent study found that couples who have sex frequently report being happier, but couples who have sex once a week report being equally as happy as those who were more frequently intimate (up to four or five times per week) [CNN].

Now I want to know if you care about texting in movie theaters, plus anything else you say or think or feel about any of these stories or anything else going on in the world. I’ll be going about my Sunday business and sporadically checking in all evening, like I hope you might be too.