9 Things We Didn't Write About but That You Might Want to Comment on, Including Donald Trump's History of Racism, Britney Spears' Hair, and a Plague of Crickets in the NYC Subway

Are you on the wait list for rosé gummy bears?
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August 28, 2016
Britney Spears, kanye west, Donald Trump

It's time for the latest roundup of strange, funny, weighty, and just plain peculiar news that we didn't get a chance to write about this week, but stuff that you probably have some opinions on and may even want to discuss with each other. You never know. I could also call this a "weekly links roundup," but my favorite part is reading what you have to say about all of these happenings, so read, enjoy, and talk about what you really think of these stories.

Donald Trump turned away prospective black tenants from his father’s properties as part of "a pattern of racial steering." [New York Times]

Kanye West released the Yeezy Boost 350 Infant — $130 sneakers for babies. They sold out in two hours. [Footwear News]

Dr. Drew’s HLN show was canceled after he made questionable comments about Hillary Clinton’s health. [Washington Post]

Hillary Clinton tweeted her support for Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, whose website was hacked to show her private nude photos, personal information, and a horrid racial slur. [NY Daily News]

There are a lot of Stranger Things fan theories, but one that links the show to Parks and Recreation was confirmed! Kind of! [Us Weekly]

Political posts you've probably seen in your Facebook feed are manufactured for shares and sometimes produced in the Philippines. [New York Times]

Eighteen thousand people put themselves on a wait list for rosé-flavored gummies. [NY Post]

The New York woman who released hundreds of insects on a crowded subway car and then urinated on the floor said it was "a performance art piece meant to highlight the way people with mental and emotional health issues are treated." [Fusion]

This new theory about Britney Spears' hair is worth reading for the illustrations alone. [Vox]

How do you feel about the way the late-summer news cycle is going? Hopeful? Afraid? Entertained? Speechless? Well, don't hold back. Never hold back. Here or in life. Right?