9 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want To Comment On, Including Big Releases from The Benghazi Hearings (And Also Adele!)

Have you watched Hillary Clinton's 11 hour testimony and/or Adele's new music video?
Publish date:
October 25, 2015
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I never know how many celebrity news items to drop in here among the international relations, natural disasters, politics, violence, etc., but I think it's only fair to include some lighter topics that we didn't write about, but that you might want to comment on, including a few of these stories below:

Adele has released "Hello," her first song in years. [Celebitchy]

Sandra Bullock spoke with BET about teaching her six-year-old son about racism in American culture. [US Magazine]

Bomb attacks in Nigeria have left over 40 dead and at least 100 wounded. [BBC]

Here are 11 facts things we now know since the Benghazi hearings. [CNN]

Jeremy Renner reminds everyone that fighting for wage equality is "not his job." [Daily Mail]

Five women are suing the Duggar-affiliated homeschool ministry for sexual abuse. [Jezebel]

Tony Blair has apologized for the Iraq invasion "mistake," and subsequent rise of ISIS. [CNN]

China has agreed to ban domestic ivory trade! Yay! [Jezebel]

Hurricane Patricia, the largest storm ever seen in the Western hemisphere, has left much devastation, but no loss of life, across Mexico. [Buzzfeed News]

Talk about these below or tell me what you wish had been included here that wasn't. And all the while, love yourselves! (Goofy non sequitur, but true.)