9 Stories We Didn't Write About This Week, But That You Might Want To Comment On, Including Reddit Revolts

WARNING: There might be a dangerous Lululemon hoodie in your closet (seriously, they're hurting people).
Publish date:
July 5, 2015
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As I mentioned in Open Thread, I'm in LA this week and guess what? News still happens while here! So while you are exalting in/recovering from 4th of July festivities, take a moment to comment on the following topics, if you like:

Lululemon has recalled 30,000 hoodies that are "whipping people" in the face. [HuffPo]

Sir Nicholas Winton, who rescued over 600 children from the Holocaust, has passed away. [Time]

Dylann Roof's sister has launched a GoFundMe to pay for her canceled wedding. [Jezebel]

Reddit employees have revolted after the firing of talent director, Victoria Taylor. [NYT]

Facebook removed a Humans of New York post and the internet is freaking out. [Telegraph]

Uber has suspended it's ride-sharing app in France after taxi driver protests. [Slate]

Rick Perry says the GOP has "been content to lose the black vote because we found we didn’t need it to win." [Buzzfeed]

The list of business associates slowly backing away from Donald Trump keeps growing. [Gawker]

Federal Courts have ended same-sex marriage bans in Texas, Lousiana, and Mississippi. [Buzzfeed]