8 Things We Didn't Write About But You May Want to Comment On, Like the Devastating Blow to Abortion Access Ohio Just Passed and Catfishing White Supremacists

Don't worry, there's wine in here.
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December 11, 2016
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Salutations and stuff! Are you sufficiently recovered from your office holiday party hangovers? Why do they always have those parties in the middle of the week? Maybe it's because venues are cheaper to book mid-week (are office holiday parties a write-off?), who knows.

Anyway, the lean, mean and libation-deprived staff here at XO may have missed covering these newsy things (we've all been sick), but you don't have to miss out on discussing them because we're going to talk about them right here and now:

If you're a thin, conventionally attractive white woman with your photo on the internet you may want to reverse Google image search yourself to make sure your image isn't being used in white supremacy propaganda. [Racked]

Earlier this month, Billy Eichner was frolicking around our floor with InStyle's EIC and here's what happened. [InStyle]

If the only reason you watch The Bachelor is to have an excuse for a drinking game then perhaps you'd like to try The Bachelor Wines (they're pretty much what you think they'd be). [Bachelor Wines]

Ohio passed a bill banning abortion after just SIX weeks with no exception clause for incest or rape. [Buzzfeed]

In possibly the most baller SEO move, IKEA has renamed product listings to frequently Googled phrases that correspond with the item (perhaps you'd be interested in their 'Kids Every Other Week' Sleeper Sofa). [Adweek]

For the very first time ever, both Grubhub & Seamless are doing holiday gift cards, so you can give your friends and family the gift of late-night pizza. [Grubhub & Seamless]

Gail Simone, prolific comic writer for the likes of Batgirl, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman, has publicly decreed that she will no longer write comics without POC and LGBTQ characters. [Monkeysfightingrobots]

Not so many folks were pleased with Donald Trump's appointment as TIME's Person of the Year so here are some alternate suggestions for the cover. [Twitter]

How incensed are you about Ohio — or any other states trying to sneakily squeeze anti-abortion legislation through during this lame duck period? There needs to be a lot more wine about this.

But drinking fodder aside, which of these makes you want to rant the most (good or bad)? Who would you nominate for Person of the Year? Rants welcome in the comments.