8 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week

And do you think I'm being passive aggressive in asking you to help me out here?
Publish date:
December 1, 2012

Well well well.

Another week, another links round-up. And a way to spin it oh-so-slightly by making the links topics the xoJane crew rejected. Woohoo!

ANYway, we launched (sounds BIG) a new series this week called "Unpopular Opinion" and some of the topics below could have been made to fit in there nicely, ahem,

Oh, the above picture from Emily's Instagram shows me in the xoJane clubhouse in the act of trying to convince these rascal staffers to obey me and actually write stuff. Wasn't effective. Which of these would you like to read/write about?

Moms end up doing a shitload of work for Christmas

MANNEQUIN SHAMING People are "disturbed" by this fat mannequin, and also this skinny one.

The new insomnia is semisomnia.

Americans want to weigh 162 pounds on average.

Comparing Cosmo's international editions.

Magazines make dudes feel insecure too.

Women obey men when they smile.

Link between bullying and plastic surgery.