8 Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About This Week

No matter how much I threw my weight around. Maybe it's 'cause Emily was out sick and she is truly "the enforcer." Which of these would you like to have read, so these writers feel all bad about it?
Publish date:
September 30, 2012

Lady Gaga launches "body revolution" site in response to weight gain criticism, acknowledges her own eating disorders. [Jezebel]

Science says: Men's obsession with breasts is related to being nursed as babies [Daily Mail]

Cupcake ATMs [NBC Chicago]

Balpreet Kaur, Sikh Woman, Proudly Sports Facial Hair In Accordance With Her Faith [HuffPo]

NYTimes piece on Make Love Not Porn + The Frisky's Moves Guys Stole From Porn (For the record, women can steal stuff from porn too) [NY Times] [The Frisky]

Woman raped and murdered walking home -- everyone wants to talk about her high heels [I Totally Have A Blog] [Reddit]

How to destink shoes? [Reddit]

Is This Disney Princess CandyLand Game Racist? [gURL]

Tell me, tell me. And then have a weekend, would ya?