8 Stories We Didn't Write About but That You Might Want to Comment On, Such as Websites You Can No Longer Comment On

Also: two stories I kind of wish I'd saved for xoVain's beauty news.
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August 21, 2016
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Oh, hello! (I just heard that Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are bringing Oh, Hello to Broadway, so I've been in the habit of starting pretty much every conversation with "Oh, hello!" out of sheer joy over this news.) Jane has basically been trapped in a whirlwind of busyness this week — quite possibly a literal whirlwind because the one day I got to spend any time with her, her hair was parted differently, which could conceivably be the result of wind — so this week, I'm handling your weekly roundup of topics we found intriguing, but apparently not intriguing enough to write about or assign to anyone to write about. (In our defense, no one pitched any stories about these things either, so, you know — whenever you point at someone, you've got three fingers pointing back at you or something.)

Anyway, here are the links the other staffers and I have been sending to each other on Slack, usually with brief commentary like, "whoa" or "WTF" or "lol."

  • Free People was selling pastel clip-in dreadlocks for a hot minute and then took them down when people were like, "No." (By the way, I just noticed that when you go the page where they were selling them, you now get the message, "Oops! Looks like our site is in a bit of a tangle." Unfortunate choice of words, methinks.) [Mic]
  • I already knew that trolls are ruining the internet. What I didn't know is that alt-right trolls call men who don't hate feminism "cucks." [Time]
  • Perhaps it's trolls that inspired NPR to announce that they're going to do away with comments on their site. [NPR]
  • Ivanka Trump ordered an ear cuff from jewelry company Lady Grey, and the brand publicly shared a note they sent with her shipment, which stated that the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign. [Us Weekly]
  • Gabby Douglas was called "un-American" and "disrespectful" (and far worse) for the "crime" of not putting her hand over her heart during the Olympic medal ceremony; Ryan Lochte was called "a kid" who deserves "a break" for having "fun," aka lying about being robbed at gunpoint and allegedly destroying property. What's wrong with this picture? [Huffington Post]
  • Gawker is shutting down, but six other Gawker Media sites will live on under Univision. [Gawker]
  • Rebel Circus, a website that "is dedicated to the rebel lifestyle and spirit" offers a list of "The Makeup Mistakes That Turn Men Off" — because fighting the patriarchy has become so mainstream that proactively seeking advice on how to capitulate to it is rebellious, I guess...? [Rebel Circus]
  • Dr. Drew is "gravely concerned" about Hillary Clinton's health after thoroughly examining her as a longtime patient of his. Oh, did I say "after thoroughly examining her as a longtime patient of his"? I meant, after reading confirmed-fake medical records of a person he's probably never met. [Yahoo]

There was a time I thought Dr. Drew was really hot. Oh well.

Have any of your former crushes let you down recently? What articles have you been sharing with your coworkers? Stay tuned to next week's "Stories We Didn't Write About" to find out! Wait... no, that's not right...