8 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want to Comment On, Including Dr. Dre, Josh Duggar, And Cheating Christian Vloggers

How many celebrity apologies are you buying this week?
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August 23, 2015
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It is high time for my weekly list of topics that are out there in the universe and that you might want to talk about, but that we did not cover on XOJane. And by the way, for those of you who read this yesterday, thank you for all of your input into my ailment. I also got to really laugh when some smart commenter on GOMI referred to it, hilariously, as my "shitty vertigo story." It was! And I am completely better today.

Women in Saudi Arabia are now eligible to vote! [HelloGiggles]

Donald Trump claims "a lot" of gang members in Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago are illegal immigrants. [Buzzfeed]

Josh Duggar called himself "the biggest hypocrite ever" in a statement about his two Ashley Madison accounts. [Gawker]

Caitlyn Jenner may face misdemeanor manslaughter charges for her involvement in a February car wreck. [CNN]

In wake of Washington state wildfires, Obama has signed a disaster declaration. [Inquisitr]

Dr. Dre has (finally) addressed his history of violence against women. [Jezebel]

Christian Vlogger Sam Rader also made a statement about his leaked Ashley Madison account. [Gawker]

Jared Fogle's "shocked and disappointed" wife has left him. [Celebitchy]

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say.