Eight Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write about This Week, Including AHS's Jamie Brewer's Fashion Week Debut

Here's your weekly round up of newsy items (and missed opportunities)! Tell me what you think these insubordinate xoJane writers should have jumped all over.
Publish date:
February 21, 2015

So, as I'm sure you know, this is a links round-up in different packaging, provided to you every weekend in case you're bored or just want to talk about these current topics with each other.

But the recurring headline here is not a lie in that every one of these potential story topics was on a list sent by Emily or Lesley to our regular contributors this week. And of the 30+ stories that did get chosen off those emails, these were the stragglers no one claimed for whatever reasons:

Jamie Brewer is the first model with down syndrome to walk a NY Fashion Week runway. [inquistr]

The Justice Department is preparing a lawsuit against the Ferguson police department. [CNN]

The forced sterilization of disabled women in Australia shows no signs of stopping. [Bustle]

Walmart has given raises to half a million employees. [NYT]

A Texas judge has blocked President Obama's executive action on immigration. [CNN]

More details on the Copenhagen gunman have emerged. [ABC News]

World leaders attempt to restore ceasefire in Ukraine after Debaltseve defeat. [The Guardian]

Allison Williams calls her father, Brian Williams, a "truthful man." [HuffPo]

Would you have written about any of these topics? Better yet, do you have other stories you want to write for us? If so, go here, then come back to talk about any or all of these (or our lameness in not covering them) in the comments, folks. Have fun times!