8 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Reasons To Have A One Night Stand

Also, more xoJane behind the scenes secrets.
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December 13, 2014
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The writers have been really active on our EditorsXO listserv these days. Did you know we have one of those? We always talk about publishing those threads, which often go pretty late into the night, so you can probably imagine the things that are said. Claire called me Aaron there the other night and I still don't know if it was an autocorrect issue or what she meant by it, if not. (Claire?)

As a matter of fact (and to tie this in), these guys talk so much on the EditorsXO list, I wonder what would happen if they'd spent the same amount of time writing the following stories that our Executive and Deputy Editors suggested this week:

Men don't know what to call your vagina.

School for seduction helps women keep their men from cheating or something?

Match.com year-end report says people mention "zumba" a lot in profiles.

Rules for your holiday office party.

Computer flirting detection.

8 good reasons to have a one night stand.

Ebola fighters are Time's person of the year 2014.

How to talk to a new partner about STD testing.

What other topics would you have liked to see us write about or would you like to write about yourself? Let us know in the comments and/or send us an email at pitches@xoJane.com.