8 1/2 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want to Comment On, Including Ahmed Mohamed's White House Visit

Think the news this week just went from bad to worse? Even more than usual?
Publish date:
September 20, 2015
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We didn't write about the GOP debate this week because, frankly, most of us were mortified into absolute stillness. HOWEVER, I mentioned it in Open Thread (so feel free to talk about it over there!) and a ton of other things have gone down this week that you might want to comment on, including:

Nine police officers brutally attacked a black teenager for "jaywalking." [The Guardian]

US and Russian Defense Chiefs have met to discuss Syria conflict. [Washington Post]

Donald Trump is under fire for agreeing to "look into" plans to force Muslim Americans into training camps. [NY Mag]

Refugees barred from Hungary are now traveling to Croatia and face over 50,000 land mines on their journey. [Buzzfeed]

The View lost two major advertisers and faced the twitter of thousands of nurses for mocking Miss Colorado's nursing career. [Jezebel]

Rick Santorum likened Kim Davis to a victim of the Columbine massacre. [Raw Story]

Ninth grader Ahmed Mohamed is transferring schools after being racially profiled, arrested, detained, and interrogated for bringing a clock to school. [CNN]

(And Bristol Palin has some things to say about it [People])

An 8.3 magnitude quake in Chile has left thousands of people without water or electricity. [BBC]

Did we miss anything? I hope/figure you'll let us know.