6 TOPICS I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Drone Porn!

Publish date:
November 8, 2014

We were laughing uncontrollably a lot this week. That is maybe why there are 7 stories these freakos didn't even bother to cover. Do you think we missed anything? Or are you glad they laughingly skipped these subjects?

Drone porn! [The Daily Mail]

What is your dream theme wedding? Because this one wins. [Bustle]

Researchers connect two brains to enable mind communication. [The Daily Dot]

Do you feel anything about Fifty Shades of Grey without any penis? [The Daily Dot]

Keira Knightley's latest photoshoot is a protest against Photoshopping. [HelloGiggles]

Whats up with indoor rowing? [Refinery 29]

If you want to write about any of these, or anything else, feel free to send your ideas over to Emily and Lesley at Pitches@xoJane.com. And if you want to laugh, here's a Saturday joke that may or may not do the trick, courtesy of Miss Olivia S. Hall:

What do you call a cow with no legs.... GROUND BEEF!