7 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Sloth Rings

In which I tell you some details about the xoJane editorial process -- if you care.
Publish date:
June 1, 2013

If you want it, here's a quick behind-the-scenes-at-xoJane primer: Every morning at the crack of dawn (when only she and I are up and functioning), our extremely intelligent and heartbreakingly pretty Executive Editor Emily McCombs sends an email to all the xoJane editors and regular contributors; this email contains a bunch of links to news stories, articles, editorials, memes, and other Internety Things or Published Things. The editors look at the list and claim topics.

THEN they write an article for xoJane about that topic, offering their opinion or, my favorite, a personal story that relates to this timely thing. This is not how all or even most xoJane stories are made, but it is the way we try to give an xoJaney perspective on big and tiny newsier items. So there you have it. This post represents all those things that no one claimed -- or said they would do, but just didn't. For shame. Not really. It's OK, most of the time. It gives me something to write about here on the weekends.

Let us know which of these topics you wish we had written about.