7 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Giving Up Sex To Look Younger

Will my weekly post SHAME the xoJaners into writing more?
Publish date:
September 7, 2013

Happy Saturday and here are the topics that no one at xoJane would write about this week. Are you sick of hearing about these? Even if you are, this weekly post still serves as a good way to shame the xo-ers. It's like posting grades or the school play casting on a bulletin board in the hallway for all to see. It might be just the right amount of shaming to bring on guilty feelings, which bring about results in the form of xoJane articles. But then again, perhaps the xoJaners' avoidance of these timely topics is because they were embarrassed by them in the first place? Are you enjoying my circular logic? I love you.

Which of these topics would you have enjoyed an xoJaney take on? (Also, if you want to and have a second, please vote for the xoJanepanels at SXSW!)