7 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week

Happy Holidays! Here's what people decided to pass up in favor of eating cookies and wrapping gifts.
Publish date:
December 22, 2012

I'll cut my staffers some slack this week due to the holidays and whatever. Still, I am curious to hear which of these topics you would like to read our take on, which you'd like to write about for us, and which you just want to comment on here. I am sure I will be checking in here at least every 30 seconds or so throughout the holidays, so let me know. Now off to haphazardly wrap some more presents for Miss Charlotte and Mr. Balloon.

Petition launched to get Rhonda Lee -- the black newscaster fired after she responded to negative comments about her hair on Facebook -- her job back.

SURPRISE, barely any of the Oscar-eligible films this year were directed by women.

"Why I Will Never Sleep With an "On The Road" Fanatic"

Swedish teens literally riot over a website offering "tips" for locating local underage "sluts."

Todd Akin using his last days in the House to push through a "license to bully" bill, designed to undercut the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. THIS GUY IS SO GROSS.

The Rules updated for digital age.

Oh wait, that's only six. Plus: Happy happy happy to you and yours.