7 Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About This Long Week

PETA hates pubes? Why wouldn't anyone get off their (unique and special) ass to write about this? Can you talk to my staff about this for me, please? Thank you!
Publish date:
November 17, 2012

Ta-da! Here are the topics that no one would write about this time. I would still like it very much if an xoJaner would tackle the topic of friend break-ups, and it should be a staffer is notco-dependent, if we can find one of those (or do you want to do it? prove to me you're not co-dependent and the assignment is yours!).

Since I took care of that specific guilt-trip, what from the list below do you want to taunt these lazy-bones about not writing this week?

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving, sweeties!

Does long hair on older women turn them into hideous hag beasts? Just asking.

Last-name "meshing" trend post-marriage.

More workers come to the office sick.

Black woman pretends to be white to increase job prospects.

How to break up with a friend?

hahahha, NYers struggle to lose the Sandy 5.

PETA hates pubes.