7 Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About This Week

Were they lazy? Do you hate them? I don't! I love them for their stubborn, rooted-in-ideology refusal and/or unabashed lethargy.
Publish date:
October 27, 2012

Maybe just under half of my editorial team is on their period, according to one of the topics they outright refused to write about. That is a pretty lame topic; I'll give them that.

I think I was, on the whole, a big softie this week. Letting Tyler run amok, and leaving Corynne to do all my ordering around for me, while Emily and I giggled in my office. So, no, I am not mad about the lack of period-excuse articles, but I still want someone to write about Swiffer awarding men t-shirts for cleaning. And that feminist sweater looks like something I would wear-- Fair Isle and about 10-years-old.

40 percent of women use their periods to get out of lame things.

Swiffer thinks men should get a T-shirt for cleaning.

Feminist sweaters.

You don't have to be pretty.

A woman's perfect day includes romance, socializing, shopping, little work (god, am I atypical).

ABC social experiment -- you can't be a princess.

CNN removes article about women voters and hormones?

Now which of these would YOU like to read or write?