7 Stories I Couldn’t Get Anyone to Write About This Week, Including Tina Fey and Mark Zuckerberg!

Dear sexually liberated readers, raise your hands if you can cross-stitch.
Publish date:
January 10, 2015
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Emily got a pitch letter today that was a succinct and moving plea. It said simply, "Do you buy homemade porn?"

Call me crazy (please), but I really and truly want that cross-stitched and framed to hang on my office wall. I will pay for your materials and time. Tell me below if you're interested.

And now... Take a peek at this week’s missed story opportunities (as suggested by our editorial board and NOT written about by our writers), if you care to:

The Oklahoma ban on hoodies has been around for a while. [Hello Giggles]

Tina Fey stands up for satirists. [Buzzfeed]

Mark Zuckerberg has his eye on Oprah's Book Club. [Gawker]

It is now illegal for transgender men and women to drive in Russia. [The Guardian]

Selfie-stick sales (and the human capacity for narcissism) have gone up 3,000 percent . [Bustle]

Moschino has been bisecting models with over-the-top Photoshopping. [The Daily Mail]

Saint Laurent is doing everything right and signed Joni Mitchell as a campaign model. [Jezebel]

Happy Saturday, y'all.