7 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About Including #TheDress Domestic Violence Campaign

It's been a crazy week. Want to write about it?
Publish date:
March 7, 2015
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The following seven topics were suggested by lovelies Emily and Lesley and zero of our regular contributors wanted to write about them with a 10-foot-pole:

The Smithsonian has banned selfie sticks. [BBC News]ISIS militants have razed another ancient city. [Gawker]South Korean officials address attack on U.S. Ambassador, Mark Lippert. [New York Times]Michael Brown's family will sue Darren Wilson. [People]Jodi Arias jurors speak out. [USA Today]#TheDress is now part of a domestic violence PSA. [HelloGiggles] Ringling Brothers is taking a cue from PETA. [Wall Street Journal]

Would you like to talk about them here anyway? Well, go ahead then! And have wonderful weekends that are just as crazy as you want them to be. But have weekends!