7 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want To Comment On, Including Katy Perry's Salary and Ben Carson's Compulsive Lying

Who or what are you the most sick of hearing about these days?
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November 8, 2015
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These roundups don't always have a theme. Instead, we try to find recent issues you'll probably have a thing or two to say about, from celebrity gossip to world news to nonsensical politicians saying nonsense. I do this as kind of a news round up, but I also do it because it is my favorite thing to hear what you think, so I do this so that I get to read your comments on things we didn't even write about.

This week, though, there's something that ties most of these stories together. Can you guess? Meet me in the comments and tell me what you think. Here's a hint: it rhymes with "crying criers."

UK investigators believe that the Russian airliner that crashed in Egypt may have had a bomb on board. [BBC]

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, the cop who allegedly staged his own suicide and embezzled funds from a youth program, is now being investigated for plotting a murder. [CNN]

Ben Carson's autobiography "Gifted Hands" is full of uncorroborated lies. [Salon]

Ashley Nell Tipton, Project Runway's first plus-size winner, took home the win with the show's first plus-size collection. [Buzzfeed]

Obama's administration has rejected construction of the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline. [New York Times]

Jeb Bush's new e-book "Reply All" contains eight years of emails and not a lot of sense. [Salon]

Canada's new Prime Minister and proud feminist Justin Trudeau had a great answer for why his cabinet has as many women as men. [HelloGiggles]

Katy Perry is the world's highest paid female musician; she made 135 million this year. [Forbes]

Let's talk about these things! Or other newsy topics I missed. You know!