6 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Which Is Weird Because There Are A Lot Of Us These Days

I guess there will always be more topics than there are writers to write about them.
Publish date:
March 1, 2014

We are the most staffed I think we've ever been, but tragically, topics still go unwritten-about. Topics like...

As someone with two dogs, I find it pretty intriguing that a dog's guilty face means absolutely nothing. I may even know some staffers like that. Just as my mean you'd-better-write-up-Emily's-ideas face here is obviously fake-o.

If YOU have an interesting angle on any of these topics and want to write about it (or something else more original), go ahead and send us an email at pitches@xojane.com. I would auto-reply with a hug if that was possible.