6 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About This Week, Including How Many Hate Tweets One Feminist Gets In A Week

It's easy to say 'no, thank you' to your editor when she's out of the country.
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January 31, 2015
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I was as MIA as I get (meaning hours went by without a text or call from me, which I'm sure the xoJaners were celebrating!) due to the fact that I chased Juno from NY to Toronto this week, where I was giving a speech. So who am I to say whether the writers should have covered these topics or not?

Feminist blogger Anita Sarkeesian shares the 157 violent hate tweets she received this week. [Mother Jones]

Google Translate will no longer translate gay slurs. [Bustle]

Ohio has halted all lethal injections in 2015. [Washington Post]

Fox News' Megyn Kelly spoke up for smoking, drinking, premarital-sex-having women in charge, and it was awesome. [Jezebel]

A new study reports that binge-watching your favorite shows is ruining your ability to watch your favorite shows. [Hello Giggles]

Heidi Montag's father has been arrested on charges of incest and sexual abuse. [The Daily Mail]

People won't stop talking about Bruce Jenner's transition and Kim Kardashian said the most perfectly eloquent thing ever about her father's journey. [Defamer]

Which of these items do you think the writers here should have covered? Which of these topics do you just want to talk about in the comments? Well, here's my weekly version of a links round-up, in case you have nothing you'd rather do right now than read them. (You can always hijack the comments here too if you have other things you want to talk to me about. I never mind.)

P.S. Thanks to the wonderful Amber for taking over my office and hosting your Open Thread yesterday!