6 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want To Comment On, Including Gun Control And Pope Francis's LGBTQ Blessing

It's been a long week.
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August 30, 2015
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Remember some of those sections we used to have when we had that massive staff? Like good old xoNews? I liked that. It made me feel like when I would go onto xoJane as though I were a reader (I used to do this with Jane magazine too, walk by a newsstand and see if I was intrigued to pick it up and which of the cover lines made me want to open it and then flip to the story to see whether I felt I would've gotten my money's worth -- and, yeah, I used a lot of long rambling probably annoying parentheticals then as well), like this site didn't exist in a vacuum, outside of the regular world.Well, this column is our current mini-staff's version: Amber finds a bunch of links to things that were in the news this week that we didn't write about, but that you might want to know exist or to talk about here. So here we go:

President Obama spoke to ABC about gun control, violence, and the murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. [Daily Mail]

Three Al Jazeera journalists, charged with aiding a terrorist organization, have been sentenced to three years in prison in Egypt. [CNN]

Rand Paul wants the Black Lives Matter movement to change its name to something more inclusive. [Buzzfeed]

Miley Cyrus called out Nicki Minaj's "bad manners" in a NYT interview. [The Daily Beast]

Serena Williams (interviewed by Claudia Rankine!) is at peace with being #1 in tennis and #2 in endorsements. [The New York Times]

Pope Francis has blessed a gay author who writes children's books about same-sex families. [The Guardian]

P.S. I dictated this into the phone so blame Siri for my grammatical errors