6 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About, Including Indiana's Statewide Makeover

Will you forgive and forget the Religious Freedom Act?
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April 18, 2015
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This Thursday was an impromptu 'Take Your Daughter to Work' Day. Char and I brought donuts to the office and she sat in our staff meeting "with the perfect blend of polite disinterest and preteen coolness," according to our lovely Amber.

We've got some big things in store over the next couple of weeks so I have been channeling benign monarch Editor-in-Chief vibes and haven't been pushing these weekly news items too hard on our writers. Should I have gone all Henry VIII on my staff this week and demanded they pen (ha ha ha, who uses those things anymore?) an article on any of these six stories?

Aydian Dowling may be the first trans man on the cover of Men's Health. [Out Magazine]

Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez has been sentenced to life in prison. [NewsWeek]

Indiana plans to clean up is image post-RFRA. [Mashable]

Etsy goes public, is valued at over 3 billion dollars. [The Verge]

Hillary Clinton calls for the Supreme Court to support gay marriage. [LA Times]

Britt McHenry, an ESPN Reporter, has been suspended after verbal assault vent viral. [Buzzfeed]

If you're face palming at these missed opportunities or you see a glaring gap in our content, submit a pitch to us! Or just bitch in the comments! Or both!