6 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About, Including The Latest Sex-Abusing Politician

AND: Whether they're used to catfish a stranger or sell art, Instagram accounts are this week's hot commodity.
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May 31, 2015
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I almost wrote about internet fame in Friday's Open Thread, but it fits so much better in this week's news round-up that really does need a new and accurate headline (if you have suggestions, let me know).

This week has been full of internet revelations: the Josh Duggar "revelation" having been known about online for years; the incredibleaccount of Leah Palmer -- the woman with thousands of twitter followers who, it turns out, doesn't exist; and stolen Instagram photos as art.

Read about (and discuss!) these and other newsy topics in the links below, plus a few I threw in because they fit the "scary internet" theme and anything else in the news that's on your minds:

J. Dennis Hastert is at the center of another sex abuse scandal. [NYT]

Hillary Clinton is selling clothes, including a pantsuit tee-shirt, online. [NY Daily News]

Internet message boards have been calling out Josh Duggar for years. [Gawker]

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby's Twitter account has been hacked. [Baltimore Sun]

This Google Chrome extension the word "millennial" with "snake people." [Buzzfeed]

Stolen Instagram photos have been sold as "art" for $90,000. [The Independent]

The mystery of "Leah Palmer" a woman with thousands of followers who doesn't exist, unravels. [Buzzfeed]

Have a great weekend, change your passwords, and set your all your social profiles to private. But talk about all of it here!