Six Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week Including Skirtchasing

My staff thought Cinco De Mayo was a weeklong celebration, apparently.
Publish date:
May 5, 2013

Here I am in my office being, as only Corynne would say, serious-pants. (Corynne comes up with cutesy terms for really scary things. If you're in trouble she'll just want to "have a little chat"-- good management skills! I'm not kidding. She's very kind, but firm.) I could pretend I was looking at a list of stories I assigned that did not get written about this week, but I think I was actually looking through some notes before filming a segment for Taxi TV on Thursday. (You may or may not be aware, but in NYC taxis there is a little TV that turns on automatically when you hop in the back. Because I take so many taxis, I end up memorizing the stuff on them.) ANYWAY, these guys had a chance to slack while I was away at the Mohegan Sun for a company off-site for the first half of the week -- the rest of xo-team stayed behind, out of my control. And then, when I came back, the temperatures outside skyrocketed, and at least a few of my staffers chose patio margaritas over writing. Which is awesome. So here we are and here are the topics we didn't cover this week:

What did we miss? Do you care, or are you too excited that today is Cinco de Mayo?