5 Topics I Couldn’t Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including The Downside Of Staying On Your Parents’ Health Insurance

Do YOU do what your boss tells you to and, if so, want to work here?
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June 28, 2014

Guess who sent around assignment emails this week! None other than the super-smart Lesley Kinzel, who is now xoJane’s Deputy Editor! Don’t worry -- Mandy is still here. She got a well-deserved title switch too to reflect the incomparable work she does finding some of our biggest and most newsworthy stories. And while I'm talking about it, Ms. Olivia Hall is now called Associate Editor, so please treat her with the respect that title confers, would you? And woohoos all around!

HOWEVER. As we were all discussing at our editorial summit, even people who have no respect for anyone have respect for Lesley. But that doesn't mean this team of writers listened when she suggested they write about the following:

Have you seen any opinion pieces this week that deserve an xoJane writer's counterpoint? I'd love to hear what they are. And if you want to write something yourself, send a pitch to one of our newly titled editors via pitches@xoJane.com. Olivia opens and distributes all of those, so you might want to suck up to her in your intro -- just a suggestion.