5 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Why Stealing Kisses Is Not Cool

We were all lazy this week. Who wasn't? Feel free to rub it in my face.
Publish date:
December 29, 2013

So, no one was in the office at all this entire past week; some of us were off and others worked remotely (I was going to be off, but then we had some changes around here, so I was ON, but in my nice PJs). And some of us named Corynne are leaving for new jobs in early January (that's one of those changes I was referring to). Yes, yes, it's true and you heard it here first. I wonder if I will also be able to introduce you to our new Corynne before it leaks out on social -- we'll see.

And feel free to be mad or happy about the topics we messed up on and should have included this week. Here they are:

PS Wasn't this post so important and beautifully written? That's a dumb inside joke you may or may not get. Not worth fretting about if you don't. Enjoy the links!