5 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Frilly Men's Underwear

Now that we have a brand-new Managing Editor to assign stories, maybe this post will become obsolete! But probably not.
Publish date:
January 11, 2014

If you didn't hear already: We got a new staffer this week. Please welcome the smart-cookie that is our new Managing Editor, Rebecca Carroll. She will be doing a mix of assigning stories, editing and writing (read her first piece here!) -- as well as budget and scheduling and generally bossing these kooks around. So with RC around, maybe this list will grow shorter in the future? And will you admit that you will be bummed if it does?!?? Come on, I know you love to sit around on weekends going down the k-holes these story-idea links open up to you.

  • Anybody near Santa Monica who would try this weird heat pod workout?
  • We just kind of love that Melissa McCarthy wears ASOS.
  • 12 ways to be a hip mama -- I think there could be something in a story about embracing being an unhip mama.
  • Cute kids covering Beyoncé's new album?
  • The youngest model in The Row's new lookbook is 39.
  • Frilly Men's Underwear.

Also: Was there something in the news we should cover that does not appear on the site or on this list? I want to know and will get RC's and the one-and-only EM's help in making it happen for you.