5 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About

Sandy's fault, not mine!
Publish date:
November 3, 2012

This week I'm a proud mama Editor. Can you believe that, after being exiled from HQ, some of us without power (I still have none as of Saturday morning -- the perfect excuse not to shower for five days!), my staffers only didn't write about five measly things?! Ok, so maybe these subjects aren't so measly, but my heart swells with joy when I look back on the site this week and all we were able to get done in the aftermath of Sandy.

All that nice-nice stuff said, I still want to see someone write about Jennifer Weiner (love her) and the car for women! I can't write it off as a bad idea until an xoJaner rips it apart.

I'm proud of my staff, my city-mates, and my hard-earned wrinkles; what are you proud of this week?

The car for women (it prevents wrinkles!).

Jennifer Weiner on her daughter calling someone fat.

Men on why they think catcalling works.

Women doin' it with their exes.

DL Hughley-- black women are "angry all the time."

Have wonderfully powerful weekends, y'all.